Wayward Bill is at Seattle Hempfest 2019

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This weedend (pun intended), “Where’s Wayward Bill” was attending the Washington State, Seattle Hempfest, now in it’s 28th year, originally began in 1991!

Wayward has attended a number of these events in the past and has always made a great showing for the USMjParty.

The USMjParty in coming up on it’s 17th Anniversary on November 25, 2019,  and this was a great event to attend to mark the occasion.  I only wish I could have had the same experience, in that I’ve never been able to make the trip, however, it will remain on my “bucket-list” to be fulfilled at some point, (I hope)!

Getting back to the task at hand, the following are some links to posts originally made on Facebook that marked the occasion.

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First of all, it’s technically not a cannabis festival. “It’s a protest festival,” McPeak explained. “The Constitution of the United States says we have the right to peacefully assemble and air disagreements with the government.” That’s how the fest started, back in the summer of 1991 — as an offshoot of the 1990-91 Gulf War protests and peace actions McPeak helped organize. The purpose wasn’t to light up a joint, but to express public outrage over the fact that lighting up a joint could lead to prison.

Seattle Hempfest 2019 Wayward Bill






Last but not least…


Please visit the above links and enjoy the Hempfest experience!!

Wayward Bill – USMjParty Chairman

Mustard or Muster

I am proud to say when I took the helm of the U.S. Marijuana Party there were only 4 state chapters there are now 20. Due to cadre drop outs we have only 6 active chapters. We have a lot of come and go folks who said yea to Chairing a state chapter. The reason for number chapters not active. The Chairs couldn’t cut the mustard.

True cannabis activism is tedious hard work. It’s not about having cannabis 24/7. It’s about defending & thinking about the plant 24/7. It’s about numerous hours spent in legislative hearings. Judicial hearings too. 24/7. It’s about scrounging around for travel money to speak at an antiprohibition event that can’t cover your travel/lodging expenses. You learn to sleep traveling, on couches, and floors. Sometimes you get busted (knock on wood).

Perks yes. Networking. Standing for something you truly believe. Meeting new faces galore. Hobnobbing with politicians and other celebrities. And not to leave out, medicating with people you’ll never forget.

Then the traveling. TSA doesn’t allow cannabis medicine on flights. I travel by bus for that reason. If you are traveling to a cannabis state. Fly. The rainbow is at your destination. Driving your choice. Just be safe. Same rainbow awaits you.

THE BIGGEST PLUS IS THAT YOU ARE RECEIVING A CANNA-EDUCATION along the way. Mind seeds that you can plant elsewhere. “OUR TRUE MISSION!”

There is no retirement. It’s a battle and as MLK said, “No one is free until we are all free.

Can you pass the muster?

Peace, Pot, Politics,
Wayward Bill Chengelis
Chairman, U.S. Marijuana Party

U.S. Marijuana Party Chairman Detained in Washington, D.C.


From the U.S. Marijuana Party website:

Published on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 

Written by Sheree Krider

William Chengelis

It has just come to my attention that William A. Chengelis, a.k.a., “Wayward Bill”, acting President of the U.S. Marijuana Party has been detained in Washington, D.C.

Apparently, per Jeffrey Kabik he was arrested following a handing out of a sampling of medibles.

“We were at the federal congress office building cafeteria. with the Silver Tour, Robert Platshorn.

About 60 in our group.  About 300 in the hall.  Bill gave out medibles and one went to a regular tourist.

Next security and jail. ”

Jeffrey is now awaiting a call from Bill but the rumor is that the current bail may be as high as $125,000.00.

This puts the July 4th marching permit for the White House in jeopardy.

I am awaiting news and will update accordingly.

Anyone wishing to donate funds for Bill please call me at 270-473-0355.


UPDATE:  Jeff Kabik has just informed me that Wayward has been released and he is going to pick him up.  We do not have any further details yet but will keep updating…

UPDATE: From our own acting president:

Wayward Bill

“Beer. Delicious homemade East coast spaghetti. Phattys. Friends. No banging steel doors. No snorers. I’m okay. Hasn’t sunk in yet. One thing the doo-doo isn’t shallow. I’ve always been a risk taker. There was no profit involved. All medications were donated I made a bad judgement call. Two pot misdemeanors. 180 days max or 360 back to back. Another front line furlough maybe . Decisions Decisions!”

UPDATE: 6/25/2013

Quoted from Wayward Bill’s Facebook Page:

Wayward Bill Defense Fund…

PayPal waywardwon@hotmail.com.

I am taking my case to trial.

Two misdemeanors.

Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance

and Unlawful Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance.

Controlled Substance was Cannabis Candy.

I am in for the fight of my life. If I lose I could get up to 180 days incarceration (concurrent) plus up to a $1000 fine and or 360 days (consecutive) plus up to a $2000.

PLEASE DONATE My first court date (Preliminary Hearing) is August 2.

Robert J Corry Jr is taking the case pro bono but I am going to have to fly him and me to Washington, DC to represent me. Hotel accommodations too.



Wayward Bill Takes The Helm At U.S. Marijuana Party


By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ on August 1, 2011

The torch — or is it the spliff? — has been passed at the United States Marijuana Party, which this week announced Wayward Bill (also known as William A. Chengelis) of Denver, Colorado is taking over its top position.

Wayward Bill replaces former party President Richard J. Rawlings at the top spot.

“After eight hard years managing the party Richard was ready to move on,” Wayward Bill said in a press release. “Sheree Krider, VP, United States Marijuana Party recommended me in a party memorandum for the top position. She also resigned her position within the national office. I spoke to both her and Richard prior to making my decision to accept. It was a happy coup.”

According to Wayward Bill, his taking the helm means that the USMjP will now be located in Denver. “The address has yet to be determined,” he said. The party was previously headquartered in Peoria, Illinois.

“I will be taking a more proactive approach by hopefully first moving our current USMjP chapters close to their state capitols so that they can be more involved with marijuana law reform in their respective states,” Wayward Bill said. “You will see us everywhere. The halls of government, in the media, in social media, at political functions and rallies, on online forums, everywhere.


Graphic: U.S. Marijuana Party

​”Like the phoenix we will as a party once again rise to shine,” Wayward Bill said. “It is my vision to have a ‘4/20’ rally in every state in the year 2012. ARE YOU READY???”

Wayward Bill said he would be requiring all USMjP state chapters to become financially solvent within six months to apply for nonprofit status in their state. “This is the first step toward becoming actual state political machines,” he said. “Time for the status quo to go.”

“On the national level the USMjP will be working with the Annual Smoke-In coalition plus the Denver 420 Rally Team to bring a bigger, badder, and better annual 4th of July Washington, DC event,” Wayward Bill said.

“Myself and others are currently reviewing the USMjP mission statement for possible edit or rewrite, Wayward Bill said. “The USMjP needs a revamp. Look for change.

“The United States Marijuana Party of Colorado will continue to be chaired by me,” Wayward Bill said. “I am dictated by my own directives and will be working on making the Colorado party a nonprofit.”


Tiny Martinez, Executive Director of The United States Marijuana Party of Colorado stepped down as the head of Colorado’s new and up and coming political party.

Today Tiny Martinez, Executive Director of The United States Marijuana Party of Colorado stepped down as the head of Colorado’s new and up and coming political party.

In his stead William A. Chengelis (Wayward Bill) has been promoted to Executive Director, United States Marijuana Party of Colorado.  He was previously Assistant Executive Director.   His promotion was approved and confirmed by Richard J. Rawlings, Chairman, United States Marijuana Party.

The United State Marijuana Party Mission Statement:
“WE seeks to remove all penalties for adults 18 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner.”
“We demand an end to the war on productive and otherwise law abiding citizens by the powers that be who claim to protect us.”
“We demand the right to use any medication our health care providers and we deem fit without government interference.”
We demand the release of all people imprisoned on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be expunged.
We demand that all property seized in marijuana raids be returned to the rightful owners at once.
We demand that our law enforcement officers make more efficient use of our tax dollars and use the resources they have at their disposal to go after violent criminals and crimes that actually have victims.
We demand the right to grow marijuana for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally so long as it is not sold untaxed.
We demand that you stop treating us like second class citizens for consuming something that is less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, both of which are legal and cause numerous deaths each year. Cannabis has never caused one.

Wayward Bill Chengelis has been a political activist all his adult life.  He started out with the White Panther Party in 1969 in the campaign to free John Sinclair the then party head who received 10 years for two marijuana joints.  Through the years Wayward Bill Chengelis has been active in Yippie, the ACLU, the Democratic Party, S.A.F.E.R., Sensible Colorado, NORML, and the United States Marijuana Party.   He is 59 years old and went to Youngstown State University studying political science, constitutional law, and journalism although he never finished to receive a degree. He is also a Vietnam era war US Army Veteran.  He was honorably discharged in 1974.  Wayward Bill currently is considered disabled (crippled left hand, bi-polar, PTSD) and lives on a meger VA non-service connected disability pension.  He is a licensed medical cannabis patient for severe pain in his left hand.  He knows first hand the discrimination by both VA and HUD invoked on cannabis patients.

As a writer Wayward Bill Chengelis has been a stringer for Rolling Stone, Managing Editor/Writer, Amateur Brewer, and a writer for Unbroken Chain.  He has also been an active blogger since 2005 with his personal blog, Deadheads United™.

Wayward Bill Chengelis is a firm believer of internet networking.  He is so popular on Facebook that he has over 5000 friends and also has had a fan create a fan page for him.  He is considered a force to be reckoned with in the Re-legalize Cannabis Movement and is one of the most active front liners in the Colorado Cannabis Movement.  He often refers to himself as a “Marijuana Mercenary” because he knows every pro-weed agenda and is willing to stand side by side with anyone who knows that the end of day mission is the re-legalization, regulation, taxation of commercial (hemp), medical, and recreational marijuana. He will be speaking at the Hemp Can Save The Planet March and the 41st Annual Smoke-in in Washington, DC on the Fourth of July. Quote Wayward Bill, “Being asked to speak on the 4Th of July in our nation’s capitol is truly an honor.  The time for re-legalization is now and I am playing a bit part in something momentous.  So big that I predict that we will have legal weed in Colorado by 2012.”

Per Wayward Bill Chengelis concerning the direction of the United States Marijuana Party of Colorado, “My first priority for the party will be finding a cannabis savvy attorney to help move the United States Marijuana Party of Colorado from just being a group of like minded individuals with organization name to being a non-profit.  By instituting that status we will be able to install a board and officers so that we as a party can start running POT-political candidates and helping to end the “Cannabis Prohibition” we have been shackled with for the past 73 years. We will also be holding events throughout the state to recruit members and to help create a larger “Cannabis Culture” in Colorful Colorado.”

William A. Chengelis (Wayward Bill)
1955 Arapahoe Street #600
Denver, CO 80202-1388