2013 Cannabis World Summit – Day 03 – Wayward Bill Chengelis


Bob B.

Published on Apr 18, 2013

This political activist describes the current state of marijuana laws in Colorado, and to be honest, as an outsider it almost sounds like a utopian paradise for cannabis enthusiasts. However it hasn’t always been as fantastic as it’s been since the historical victory last year when Colorado voters decided that it is time to end the prohibition against marijuana in their State, letting people grow and consume cannabis for medicinal AND recreational purposes. Bill shares with us a bit of the journey it took activists, such as himself, to gradually “legalize” marijuana, initially on a municipal level in Denver and then all the way up to the State level. He shares a few tips and insights for people in other regions, within the United States and other Countries too, to consider what ultimately worked for them to achieve the outstanding result they accomplished. We briefly touch upon the campaign educating the public that “marijuana is safer than alcohol”, and how those simple words powerfully reframed the issue. On April 20th Bill is planning to do a short video recording in front of the White House, showing his support for the legalization of this marvellous plant, and we hope to provide his video message for you on the next day of the Summit.



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